Silva Method: The Silva Mind Control Method is the key to achieving your objectives.

The Silva Mind Control teaches you how to use all your potential in order to finally obtain the results you have ever wanted.

<< What you feel in your heart and represent in your mind becomes your reality ! >>
(Maurizio Fiammetta)

More than 6 million people around the world have already participated in Silva Mind Control seminars and they attest that Silva Mind Control is not just a personal improvement, development or self-esteem course: the SILVA MIND CONTROL is a course that accesses your mind’s potential, thus using the great resources that your brain already possesses, which should be awakened and managed depending on the results you desire.

What are your objectives? In which area do you want to have success?

  • Money
  • Work
  • Love
  • Family

  • Health
  • Friendship
  • School
  • Sport…

What does “success” mean to you?


For some people, it could be having a million in their bank account, for others it could be a prestigious professional position or be raising their own children in a healthy way and succeeding in maintaining a good relationship…
the good thing about Silva Mind Control is that anyone can realize his/her own idea of success, independently from his/her culture, age or sex!
Indeed, Silva Mind Control seminars teach you how to acquire skills and fully use the power of both hemispheres of your brain, in order to achieve your goals in any area of life.
It is well known fact that most of us only use a small part of our mind’s potential, about 10%; the goal of the Silva Method is to enable you to use the full potential of your brain.
Have you ever heard of the various frequency levels in which our brain works? We access our brain’s full potential we are able to capture the frequency of the “Alpha level”, that is a frequency between 7 and 14 pulsations per second, about half of the usual frequency.

When we reduce the frequency of the brain to the Alpha level, we gain access to all the capabilities of the mind, which are usually unused.

The Silva Mind Control is a precious key to learn the following techniques step by step:

  • Auto programming
  • Communication
  • Making appropriate decisions
  • Ensuring your success

With the Silva Method you will also learn special techniques that will help you to:

  • Relax and reduce stress
  • Control and eliminate harmful habits
  • Overcome physical or mental discord

Often the difference between failure and success is determined by how you use your mind!
Successful people have a number of qualities in common, they:

  • Have a positive and optimistic attitude
  • Manage their energy efficiently
  • Are free from stress, headaches, negative emotions, bad habits, insomnia, fatigue
  • Are independent in thoughts and evaluations and are brave in decision-making
  • Can clearly focus on their goals and at the same time on the problems they need to solve to achieve what they desire.
  • Have confidence in their intuition and allow it to be their guide to success

The Silva Mind Control above all offers a great help to enhance and improve:

  • Mental and physical balance, emotional stability, memory, creativity
  • Work efficiency, the ability to communicate with others
  • The possibility of drawing information from the environment at any distance

These results are obtained using techniques and procedures that can be acquired naturally, effortlessly and INDEFINITELY! In fact, once learned, you can utilize them independently without relying on external interventions and without any contraindication as they have already been tested for their effectiveness by millions of people around the world!

Make your dreams come true, realize your dreams, achieve your goals, improve your health, solve business problems and interpersonal relationships, living a life fully and happily! Now!!