The Silva Method courses: Self-growth, self-development and self-improvement to achieve your goals!

Unlike other traditional self-improvement methods, the Silva Method or Silva Mind Control is valued for the results you can achieve insofar as you are striving to free the greatest power you possess: your self!

Would you like to understand how to improve your professional and economic position?
Would you like to learn how to avoid finding yourself in the same negative situations over and over again?
Would you like to finally find peace of mind and have a good relationship with your family and relatives?
Do you wish to improve your performance and to successfully pass your exams and become competitive?

Then the Silva Method is just what are you looking for!

<< Except our own thoughts, there is nothing absolutely in our power! >>
(René Descartes)

I need to congratulate everybody who verbally aims for self-improvement and to overcome their limits which, have imprisoned them throughout their lives, but unfortunately, only few actually stop complaining and start to act. If you are reading this, it means that you  are really taking into consideration to turn your life around, and the Silva Method would like to be a valuable tool to all those who want to achieve greater control over their emotional well-being, habits, career, finances and health.

Silva Mind Control seminars have already helped more than 6 million people around the world to obtain these results and if you want, they can help you too. The Silva Method Courses: self-growth, self-development and self-improvement can help you to achieve your goals!

Unlike other traditional self-improvement methods, the Silva Method or Silva Mind Control is valued for the positive results you can experience no matter what your personal objective is.

Who is Marianne Patricia Clement? – An Italian and Mauritian certified Silva Mind Control Instructor

As we are getting to know each other, maybe you would like to have some more information about  myself.
I am a philosophical and psychoanalytical counselor as well as a certified Silva Mind Control Instructor (Laredo, Texas – 1987).
I have consolidated my experience in the field of education, communication and self-development thanks also to periods of personal research and application in various countries.
I am the director and  the only certified trainer to present the Silva Life System (SLS) and the Silva Intuition System (SIS) courses.

Due to the long and consolidated experience acquired with the Silva Method, I manage the widespread availability of the Silva Method in the following regions:


  • Italy

Indian Ocean:

  • Mauritius
  • Reunion
  • Madagascar

You can refer to my complete CV on the website under “Who is Marianne”

Why does the Silva Method work

The Silva Method works because it is based on a solid foundation of scientific research:

  1. Did you know that most people only use 10% of their mind’s potential?
  2. Were you aware that the brain works at different frequencies and that it can achieve better results if used at the “Alpha” stage?
  3. Could you imagine what it would be like if you were able to free the power of both hemispheres of your brain?

Have you been looking for a perfect solution? Everything you are looking for is already within you and the Silva Method will help you to unwind realistically and free all your potential ensuring that you finally become the Author of your own life and your own success!


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